Give a Gonski

It is my firm belief that the education of children should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind. It may be a cliché but there really is no doubt about it, children are our future.

Commissioned by the Federal Government ‘The Gonski Review’ was a comprehensive investigation of the way schools are funded in Australia. The final report released in February 2012 found that Australia is investing far too little in education and, in particular, in public schools. As a result students all over Australia are missing out on the all important resources they need.

The Gonski report recommends an incredible $5 billion a year injection of funding into both public and private schools and an overhaul as to how and where the funding be spent in the aim of making the biggest impact to teaching and learning experiences for children.

Want to know more or join the ‘I give a Gonski’ campaign with thousands of others who want better schools for all children in Australia? Follow the link here.